NIOSH 5502 Lindane


This test method uses gas chromatography and electrolytic conductivity detector techniques to monitor lindane and aldrin. Evaporation of isooctane from the bubbler necessitates refilling the bubbler frequently. Benzene is a suspected human carcinogen; work with it only in a hood. This method combines and replaces S275 and S290. Collection efficiencies and analytical method recoveries were 1.00 for both substances in the range 22 to 90 μg per sample. Sample filters extracted in isooctane immediately and stored one week at ambient conditions gave recoveries of 103% and 102%, respectively. Lindane has been used as an argicultural insecticade and a treatment for lice. Aldrin is also been used as a pesticide to treat seed and soil.

Analysis Type (Application Method): Gas chromatography, electrolytic conductivity detector

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Compatible Filters:

37 mm glass fiber filter binder free with a backup pad in a 2 piece polystyrene cassette filter holder. Forceps to handle filter membrane.


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