NIOSH 5517 (Issue 2)


Organic pollutants, Polychlorinated benzenes (PCBzs) can be unintentionally formed from thermal processes in different industrial activities including in fly ash, bottom ash and soil from combustion processes of waste incineration, metallurgy (steel making and zinc production) and cement production. This test method uses gas chromatography to detect Polychlorobenzenes, Tetrachlorobenzene, and Pentachlorobenzene. Linear range of the detector is limited but samples are diluted prior to measurement. This revises P&CAM 343.

Analysis Type (Application Method): GC, 63Ni ECD

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Compatible Filters:

13 mm 5 μm PTFE unlaminated in stainless steel holder. An acceptable holder would be the 13 mm Swinny holder. Forceps to handle filter membrane.


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