NIOSH 5518 (Issue 2


The sulfonic acid derivatives of 1-naphthylamine (alpha) and 2-Naphthylamine (beta)are used for the preparation of azo dye. These compounds possess the important property of dyeing unmordanted cotton (alpha), and the beta version is found in cigarette smoke and "suspected" to contribute to the development of cancer. The alpha version is listed as one of the 13 carcinogens covered by the OSHA General Industry Standards. This test method uses a gas chromatography and FID technique to detect 2-naphthylamine; beta-naphthylamine and 2-aminonaphthalene. The retention time of 1-nitronaphthalene is between those of the analytes and interferes with their determination. This revises P&CAM 264.

Analysis Type (Application Method): GC-FID

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Compatible Filters:

High-efficiency glass fiber filter, 13 mm, followed by 100mg and 50mg beds of 20/45 mesh silica gel. Forceps to handle filter membrane.


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