NIOSH 6011 Bromine


This test method uses ion chromatography and conductivity to monitor chlorine and bromide ions. This method uses ion chromatography and conductivity and has sufficient sensitivity for STEL samples. Take precaution to handle in a fume hood. P&CAM 209 (colorimetric), OSHA Methods ID-101 and ID-108 are alternative methods. Wear protective clothing. Handle in a fume hood.

Analysis Type (Application Method): Ion chromatography, conductivity

Link to NIOSH 6011 Bromine Method

Compatible Filters:

25-mm 0.45 μm silver filter with porous plastic support pad; prefilter, 0.5 μm PTFE with PTFE support, 0.5-μm or 0.4-μm polyester. 25mm holder. Forceps to handle filter membrane.


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