NIOSH 7903


This test method uses an ion chromatography technique to monitor various inorganic acids. This method measures the total concentration of six airborne anions. The corresponding acids may be collected on a single sampler and determined simultaneously. Formic acid has been determined by this method. Alternate methods are NIOSH 7902 for fluoride and P&CAM 268 for sulfate. Note that this method has been replaced by NIOSH methods 7906, 7907, & 7908.

Analysis Type (Application Method): Ion Chromatography

Link to NIOSH 7903 Method

Compatible Filters:

37 mm 5 μm PVC in a polystyrene cassette filter holder. Also a 13mm, 0.8μm MCE syringe filter is used. An example would be the 25 mm Millex AA (0.8 μm) syringe filter to replace 13 mm mentioned. . Forceps to handle filter membrane.


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