Opiate Standards

Over the last decade, the prevalence of nonmedical prescription opioid and opiate use has increased worldwide and is the primary contributor to the global number of drug-related deaths. In the United States, deaths from misuse of prescription opioids have quadrupled and now exceed the number of motor-vehicle accident and suicide-related fatalities as well as deaths attributed to heroin and cocaine use combined.1 Within Europe, Asia, and Canada, increasing misuse of prescription opioids has also been observed.2

Since opiates are classified as controlled substances, we supply most opiate reference standards as USDEA and Health Canada (with TK#s)-exempt solutions for added convenience. Cerilliant reference standards are manufactured and certified to the highest industry standards including ISO Guide 34, ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 13485. Each Certified Spiking Solution® is supported by a comprehensive Certificate of Analysis (COA) which provides all analytical data and uncertainty and traceability information to support regulatory requirements. Visit Cerilliant.com or call 800/848-7837 for more information.


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