OSHA 188

Ammonia in Workplace Atmospheres - Solid Sorbent

This method describes the sample collection and analysis of airborne ammonia. Ammonium chloride fume or ammonium sulfamate can also be analyzed using this method. Samples are taken in the breathing zone of workplace personnel and are analyzed by ion chromatography (IC). A known volume of air is drawn through a sampling tube containing carbon beads impregnated with sulfuric acid (CISA). Ammonia is collected and converted to ammonium sulfate. Samples are desorbed using a known volume of deionized water (DI H2O) and analyzed as ammonium ion by IC. For ammonium chloride fume or ammonium sulfamate, samples are collected on 0.8-μm mixed-cellulose ester filters, desorbed in DI H2O, and also analyzed as ammonium ion by IC.

Analysis Type (Application Method): Ion chromatography (IC)

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Compatible Filters:

37 mm 0.8 μm MCE. Forceps to handle filter membrane.


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