OSHA 214 – Product & Materials Guide

Ozone in Workplace Atmospheres

OSHA 214 describes sample collection and analysis for atmospheric ozone (O3) in the workplace. This method utilizes two nitrite-impregnated glass fiber filters (IGFF) held in a two-piece, polystyrene cassette. During sample collection, ozone  reacts with the nitrite molecules in the filter, oxidizing nitrite to nitrate. The reaction product (nitrate) is then extracted from the filters and analyzed via ion chromatography. Both UV-VIS and conductivity detectors can be used to measure nitrate concentration, allowing versatility and the possibility to exclude sample interference by switching detectors. Both particulate nitrate compounds and SO2 gas can interfere in the analysis of ozone using IGFF; if interference from sulfur dioxide is expected, an oxidizing pretube should be used to remove SO2 and allow O3 to pass through the cassette. This method is not applicable for the collection and analysis of bulk or wipe samples. Our product portfolio contains all the Millipore® filtration products you need for particle monitoring, regardless of your method or application.

Analytical Method: Ion Chromatography (IC)

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Materials needed for OSHA 214

  • 37 mm Glass fiber filters
  • Two-piece polystyrene cassettes, 37 mm diameter with end plugs
  • Forceps to handle filter membrane

Products for OSHA 214

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