PolyFreeze Tissue Freezing Medium

PolyFreeze is a support matrix, or form of embedding medium, for frozen tissue sectioning.

This medium freezes quickly, supporting the tissue for sectioning at 3 µ and up with no cracking of the matrix at temperatures from –8 to –25 °C. Tissue samples may be snap frozen using PolyFreeze with isopentane and liquid nitrogen, dry ice, or in a cryostat.

PolyFreeze media can easily be washed away when rinsed prior to staining and leaves no residue to interfere with staining or immunohistochemistry (IHC) reactions. Does not create autoflorescence.

Features and Benefits

  • Colored PolyFreeze (blue, green, yellow) makes differentiating multiple specimens easy during sectioning and staining
  • Less curling
  • Fewer ice artifacts
  • Faster freezing
  • Easily rinsed away during fixation with no trace remaining


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