radiello® Air Sampler Accessories & Spare Parts

Vertical Adapter

Product No. RAD122

The diffusive body can be fitted to the supporting plate either in a vertical or horizontal position, the vertical one being more comfortable when radiello is used for personal sampling.

To assemble radiello in vertical position you have to screw it to the vertical adapter RAD122, fitted to the supporting plate.

Available in 20 pieces per package





Assembling the Vertical Adapter


Product No. RAD196

For outdoor exposures a mountable polypropylene shelter is available which can be hung from lamp posts.

It has been designed to be mounted easily and without any tools on field, so that it is not cumbersome when you transport it from your laboratory. Once assembled, it ensures the best compromise between protection against bad weather and ventilation.

It can house up to four radiello and is able to fit a wide range of pole diameters.

Its colour is quite similar to that of the majority of lampposts: being less visible, it is less subject to acts of vandalism.

Available in 10 pieces per package.

The shelter is composed of:

How to Assemble the Shelter.

All of the components are snap-on assembled.

Step 1. Insert on this panel (the roof) the two supports that will be used to suspend the samplers.


Step 3. The whole becomes rigid by insertion of the two spacers. Fit them to the slots on bottom of the side panels and turn them by 90° (performing this rotation you may feel some resistance, but go on until you hear a clicking sound).

Step 2. Attach the two walls on the sides of the roof panel.


Step 4. Finally, insert two plastic strips in the rear vertical slots of the side panels. The strips are also available as spare parts, in 100 pieces per package, identified by the code 198.

Suspend the shelter to the pole by closure of the strips, but DO NOT DRAW SO MUCH THAT THE SHELTER IS DEFORMED. If the pole has diameter larger than 20 cm, the shelter leans on the curved edges on the rear of the sidewalls. If the pole has a smaller diameter, it leans against the curved edge of the roof panel and the rear spacer. If the diameter of the pole is very small the shelter bows down, the wind may make it go round, or the shelter may even slip down to ground. It is then advisable to choose another pole.

User Tip
If the pole diameter is larger than the strip length, you can put two or more strips together to extend the fastening system. If the sampling site is very windy, do not introduce more than two radiello samplers in each shelter,  otherwise rain could dampen the outermost samplers.

On-Field Temperature Measurements

Product No.s RAD126 and RAD127

Since the uptake rate values of radiello depend on temperature, the concentration values obtained will be more accurate if precise temperature measurements are performed during the sampling.

To get reliable temperature data you may ask the local weather station, if there is one, and if the measurements are performed nearby your sampling sites. Bear in mind that you should take into account the urban heat island: did you know that there can be a difference of even 4-5 °C between the center and the suburbs of a big town?

With radiello you can create your own temperature measurement station.

A thermometer with precision ± 0,5 °C between -20 and 80 °C and equipped with a data logger capable of recording 2048 data points has been fixed to a vertical adapter (Product No. RAD126; Product No. RAD1261 for ready-to-use sampler). It is tiny enough (< 1 cm3) to go perfectly unobserved.

It has no battery to replace, needs no maintenance and works properly even with bad weather conditions.

Its memory allows you to record one temperature value every 15 minutes for 22 days, or every 30 minutes for 43 days, or every 60 minutes for 85 days, or... it lasts ten years or a million readings!

The thermometer is fitted to the supporting plate of radiello: use the sampler normally and measure temperature and pollution at the same time.

A very simple reader (Product No. RAD127), connected to your PC by a serial port, allows you to program the temperature sensor for the measurements on field, to download the aquired data and to perform data statistical and graphic processing by a very user-friendly software.

User Tip
When performing urban monitoring install a thermometer every ten sampling sites. If this may help you, contact us to discuss sampling strategies.


Filtration Kit

Product No. RAD174

The filtration kit is composed of 20 single-use plastic syringes and 20 single-use micropore hydrophilic polypropylene filters with diameter 13 mm and 0.45 μm porosity.

Both filter and syringe are suited to filtration of aqueous solutions with pH in the range of 0 to 12 with commonplace eluents for ion chromatography and reverse phase HPLC.

The Spare Parts of radiello

Empty Cartridge
Can be loaded by the customer with the desired adsorbent. It is delivered with the two end caps and the glass tube.

Available in 20 pieces per package.

Product No. RAD175
stainless steel net,
100 mesh,
5.9 mm diameter


Product No. RAD177
stainless steel net,
3x8 μm,
4.8 mm diameter

Product No. RAD176
stainless steel net,
100 mesh,
4.8 mm diameter


Product No. RAD198
Useful for repositioning of radiello shelter. Length 75 cm.

Available in 100 pieces per package.

Barcode Adhesive Label

Product No. RAD190

Available in 198 pieces per package.


Product No. RAD195

Available in 20 pieces per package.


Available in 20 pieces per package.

Product No. RAD1991
glass tube, working volume 2.8 ml

Product No. RAD1992
polypropylene tube, working volume 12 ml


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