radiello® Air Sampler Components

The essential parts of radiello are the adsorbing cartridge, the diffusive body, the supporting plate and the adhesive label with the bar code indication. Apart from the adsorbing cartridge, if not differently stated, all of the other components can be repeatedly used for several sampling experiments.

The Adsorbing Cartridge

Depending on the polluting compound to be sampled, many different adsorbing or chemiadsorbing cartridges have been developed. Their dimensions are neverthless the same for all: 60 mm length and 4.8 or 5.8 mm diameter.

They are contained in glass or plastic tubes wrapped up in a transparent polyethylene thermowelded bag.

The code number, printed onto the bag along with the lot number and expiry date indicates the kind of cartridge.

Apart from the thermal desorption cartridges, all of the other kinds are for single use only. See the application section at the back for codes relevant to the different analytes.

Available in 20 pieces per package.

The cartridge has to be introduced into the diffusive body.

The Supporting Plate

It is identified by Product No. RAD121. Made of polycarbonate, it acts both as closure and support for the diffusive body, which has to be screwed onto the thread. It comes along with a clip and a transparent adhesive pocket to hold the label. The three parts are to be assembled before use.

Available in 20 pieces per package.

The Diffusive Body

Four kinds of diffusive bodies are available, with like outer dimensions: 60 mm height and 16 mm diameter.

The white diffusive body, Product No. RAD120, of general use, is made of microporous polyethylene 1.7 mm thick and average porosity 25 ± 5 μm. Diffusive path length is 18 mm.

The blue diffusive body, Product No. RAD1201, has the same properties of the white one but is opaque to light: it is suited to the sampling of light-sensitive compounds.

The yellow diffusive body, Product No. RAD1202, should be used whenever the sampling rate must be reduced; it is made of microporous polyethylene 5 mm thick and average porosity 10 ± 2 μm. Diffusive path length is 150 mm.

The permeative diffusive body, Product No. RAD1203, is a 50 μm thick silicone membrane strengthened by a stainless steel net and a microporous polyethylene cylinder. It is employed for anaesthetic gases and vapours sampling.

Available in 20 pieces per package.

The diffusive body has to be screwed onto the supporting plate.

The Label

Self-adhesive, with printed barcode number (Product No. RAD190). Since each barcode number has been printed in only one copy, it allows an unmistakable identification of the sampling tube on field and in the laboratory for the subsequent analysis.

Each package of 20 adsorbing cartridges contains also 21 labels.

If the labels are ordered separately, they are shipped in 198 pieces per package.


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