Automated Solid Phase Extraction with HybridSPE® DPX® Tips

DPX® stands for Dispersive Pipette EXtraction. HybridSPE® technology is a simple and generic sample HybridSPE® DPX® Tips are pipette tips that incorporate loosely contained HybridSPE® sorbent material that is mixed with the sample solution to accomplish solid phase extraction. HybridSPE® technology is a simple and generic sample preparation platform designed for the gross level removal of endogenous protein and phospholipid interferences from biological plasma and serum prior to LC/MS or LC/MS/MS analysis.

Sample preparation with HybridSPE® DPX® Tips

Figure 1. Sample preparation with HybridSPE® DPX® Tips

The unique mixing technique employed provides numerous advantages:

  • Minimal elution solvent volumes
  • Rapid extraction times (less than 3 minutes/sample)
  • High extraction efficiencies
  • Easy to perform extractions Lower costs
  • Higher throughput
  • Minimal training required Environmentally friendly

In this simple technique, biological plasma or serum is first subjected to protein precipitation via the addition and mixing of acidified acetonitrile. Precipitated proteins are then removed by centrifugation and the resulting supernatant is extracted using the HybridSPE® DPX® tip which acts as a chemical filter that specifically targets the removal of endogenous sample phospholipids.

The phospholipid retention mechanism is based on a highly selective Lewis acid-base interaction between the proprietary zirconia ions functionally bonded to the HybridSPE® stationary phase and the phospate moiety consistent with all phospholipids. The resulting eluent is ready for immediate LC/MS or LC/MS/MS analysis.

Table 1. What size tips do I need?

HybridSPE-PL Sample and PPT Agent Guidelines
  30 mg tips 50 mg tips
Plasma/serum 30-100 µL 100-300 µL
Precipitating agent 90-300 µL 300-900 µL

We offer an array of tips that are compatible with the most common liquid handling platforms and pipettors on the market: Tecan, Hamilton, INTEGRA, and a Universal format as well.


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