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Comparison of Sample Prep Techniques

HybridSPE™- Phospholipid Technology

HybridSPE-PL combines the simplicity of protein precipitation with the selectivity of SPE, targeting the specific removal of both phospholipids and precipitated proteins from biological plasma. Phospholipids and proteins represent the two largest contributors of ion-suppression in pharmaceutical bioanalysis. If adequately removed prior to LC-MS, analysts can more easily and quickly achieve targeted LLOQ for most applications. Figure 1 compares standard protein PPT, SPE, and HybridSPE-PL, for the extraction of clenbuterol from plasma.


  Std. Protein PPT HybridSPE-PL Solid Phase Extraction
Number of Steps 2-3 2-3 5-8
Time Required < 10 min. <10 min. 30-45 min.
Method Development Generic/Minimal Generic/Minimal Moderate/Extensive
Sample Cleanup & Reduction
of Ion-Suppression
Minimal Moderate to High Moderate to High
Phospholipid Removal NONE High Moderate
Recovery High Moderate to High Moderate to High


column: CHIROBIOTIC T, 10 cm x 2.1 mm, 5 µm particles (12018AST)
mobile phase: 10 mM ammonium formate:methanol
flow: 300 µL/min.
temp.: 30°C
detector: MS-MRM
Comparative Extraction of 10 ng/mL Clenbuterol (R(-) and S(+) enantiomers) in Rat Plasma

Figure 1. Comparative Extraction of 10 ng/mL Clenbuterol (R(-) and S(+) enantiomers) in Rat Plasma


Did you know...?

HybridSPE-PPT won the Scientists’ Choice Award for Best New Separations Product in 2008. The award was based on an independent poll of over 25,000 scientists within the community. The award was announced at PITTCON® 2009 held in Chicago, IL.


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