Chemizorb® Absorbents

Absorbents for Spilled Liquids

Quick and safe cleaning with Chemizorb®

When spills happen, Chemizorb® absorbents are the quick, safe and environmentally friendly way to remove hazardous, aggressive or unpleasant liquids. Our fast-acting absorbents are made of porous mineral or synthetic copolymers that are chemically inert, and capable of absorbing up to 400% of their own weight in liquid. We offer a choice of absorbents for a variety of spills.

“All-round” Chemizorb® powder or granules

  • Suitable for aqueous solutions (acids, alkalis), organic solvents and viscous oils
  • Excellent absorbance capacity
  • Powder offers higher absorbance
  • Granules are easier to dose and more suitable for draughty rooms or outdoors

“Specialist” Chemizorb® absorbents for alkalis, acids and hydrofluoric acid

  • Contain water-soluble neutralizers 
  • pH indicators keep track of neutralization process
  • Aggressive acids and alkalis removed more safely and efficiently

“All-in-one” Chemizorb® Hg set for mercury

  • Set contains all reagents and auxiliaries needed
  • Safe, complete removal of mercury drops or traces 
  • Sufficient for decontamination of approx. one square meter 


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