Bottles for Acids, Bases and Solvents

Besides offering premium chemicals and reagents, we have invested decades into developing the most advanced packaging concepts in the field of chemistry. Our innovative packaging are precisely tailored to the contents, and based on sustainable principles. So they not only protect your personnel and products, but also the environment.

S40 glass bottles for acids, bases and solvents

  • Safe and convenient handling, storage and transportation
  • Special shape of the opening allows optimum pouring
  • Secure S40 screw cap with tamperproof seal
  • Premium amber blank glass remains inert even to aggressive chemicals
  • High pressure resistance
  • Pulp packaging for safe transport of glass bottles

Strong yet light in weight, our molded fiber trays ensure that chemical bottles are optimally protected during transportation and storage. All our pulp packaging is made from recyclable materials, so it also protects the environment.


S40 HDPE bottles for acids, bases and solvents

  • Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Convenient handling and dosage with integrated handle for 2.5 and 5 l bottles
  • Narrow base for efficient use of lab space
  • Low tare weight facilitates handling and reduces transport costs
  • Secure S40 screw cap with tamperproof seal
  • High pressure resistance (particularly for 2.5 l bottle with special base geometry)