EMPARTA® Standard Grade Products

Classical Inorganics and Solvents for routine analytical applications

With EMPARTA® products, we offer a range of high-quality, cost-efficient Inorganics and Solvents for routine analytical applications. These standard-grade products offer fewer test parameters than EMSURE® products. Still, EMPARTA® product specifications are fully compliant with ACS requirements and cover all important parameters, thus ensuring reliable and reproducible results.

Standard quality for routine lab applications

EMPARTA® products offer just the parameters you really need – including all those required by the ACS. Hence, they are the perfect choice for reliable quality control and routine analytical applications in less regulated industries.


Compliant with ACS

EMPARTA® for AnalysisThe quality of EMPARTA® Inorganics and Solvents is tested according to the specifications of the monographs published in the ‟Reagent Chemicals” guidelines of the American Chemical Society (ACS).

  • EMPARTA® follows the 11th and most recent edition of the guidelines
  • Regular check for updates
  • Comparison with our own stringent quality control standards
  • EMPARTA® products are ideal for quality control according to USP-NF

Convenient label-sized packaging

EMPARTA® Inorganics and Solvents typically come in HDPE or amber glass bottles, which are the perfect size for working in the lab. Our tailor-made packaging offers multiple safety features. For more information see Packaging and Safe Handling

Reliable results

EMPARTA® Inorganics and Solvents feature a high analytical purity of 99.0-99.5%. Thanks to our sophisticated production chain, particulate impurities and cross-contamination from other products are completely ruled out.

Packaging and Safe Handling


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