EMPARTA® for Analysis ACS

Standard-Grade Reagents for Routine Analytical Applications

Our high-quality EMPARTA® inorganics and solvents are your cost-efficient choice for all your routine analytical applications.

These standard-grade products feature fewer specified parameters than our premium grade EMSURE® and a smaller range of packaging sizes and options. Nevertheless, EMPARTA® specifications cover all important parameters and offer full compliance with ACS requirements, thus ensuring reliable and reproducible results.

Compliant with ACS

We carefully test the quality of EMPARTA® inorganics and solvents according to the specifications of the monographs published in the "Reagent Chemicals" guidelines of the American Chemical Society (ACS). We always follow the most recent edition of the guidelines and regularly check for updates. Our in-depth approach to ACS specifications includes comparison with our own stringent quality control standards.

Reagents for Analysis According to USP

Since EMPARTA® products are fully compliant with ACS guidelines, they are ideal for quality control according to USP-NF. The "Reagents" chapter of the U.S. Pharmacopeia and National Formulary defines the quality of reagents required for testing according to USP-NF. In most cases, the USP recommends to "use ACS reagent grade", i.e. a grade meeting the corresponding specifications of the current ACS "Reagent Chemicals" guidelines.

Standard Quality for Routine Lab Applications

EMPARTA® grade products offer just the parameters you really need – including all those required by the ACS. Hence, they are the perfect choice for reliable quality control and routine analytical applications in less regulated industries.

Reliable Results

EMPARTA® inorganics and solvents feature a high analytical purity of 99.0-99.5%. Thanks to our sophisticated production chain, particulate impurities and cross-contamination from other products are completely ruled out.

Efficient and Cost-effective Solution

From raw materials to specifications to packaging and documentation, every aspect of EMPARTA® products is designed to make your analytical lab applications as cost-effective as possible – without sacrificing quality.

Convenient Lab-sized Packaging
EMPARTA® inorganics and solvents typically come in HDPE or amber glass bottles, which are the perfect size for working in the lab. Our tailor-made packaging offers multiple safety features.

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