EMPLURA® Basic Grade Products

Classical Inorganics and Solvents for preparative lab work, cleaning and production

For many applications, you don’t need chemicals of the highest purity – you need a cost-effective solution with reliable quality that is available in large quantities. The EMPLURA® product range is ideal for basic lab work and production applications. These economical Solvents and Inorganics offer adequate specifications with the most common parameters, and are available in small pack sizes as well as in bulk quantities.

Economical solution

Why pay for high purity when your application only requires basic quality? EMPLURA® products Inorganics and Solvents are your economical answer. It gives you reliable results at a reasonable price.


Adequate specifications

EMPLURA® for AnalysisEMPLURA® products are mainly tested for preparative lab applications and standard production processes. Hence, we only monitor the basic parameters that are important in these applications:

  • Purity
  • Identity
  • Density
  • Evaporation residue
  • Water content

Suitable for numerous basic applications

The EMPLURA® product range includes a broad selection of the most important Inorganics and Solvents. So you will easily find the most suitable solutions for numerous basic applications, such as preparative lab work, cleaning or standard production processes.

Completely flexible pack sizes

Our standard packaging options vary from 1 l glass bottles to 190 l drums. However, we are completely flexible and can offer even larger quantities, such as intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) or tank containers, on request. For more information see ‟Packaging and Safe Handling”

Tank container

Greener chemical alternatives

The products we create help our customers improve people’s lives every day, but we recognize that every product we make also has an environmental impact. That’s why we are committed to continually improving the sustainability performance of our products and adopting a greener chemical process.

Our latest advances in green chemistry include:

  • Bioethanol
  • 2-Metyhltetrahydrofuran
  • Cyclopentyl methyl ether
  • Ethyl lactate