EMSURE® Premium grade products

Smart up your lab

Classical Inorganics and Solvents for demanding and regulated analytical applications

The EMSURE® quality grade designates our premium classical Inorganics and Solvents, which are optimized for regulated analyses and highly demanding lab applications. These products offer the highest quality and an unmatched scope of specifications to give you complete control of test conditions and eliminate uncertainties.

Our analytical competence – your analytical confidence

Highest convenience and safety

EMSURE® products offer top quality both inside and out. We have invested decades into developing the most advanced packaging concepts in the field of chemistry.

  • Safe and convenient handling, storage and transportation
  • Optimal protection of chemicals and reagents from contamination
  • Application-oriented packaging
  • Wide choice of packaging materials and sizes

Accuracy and reliability

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Absolute trust – every time Thanks to their outstanding batch-to-batch consistency, each time you use EMSURE® products, you can expect the same excellent quality.

  • Unmatched batch-to-batch consistency
  • Reliable and reproducible results
  • Lower analytical costs
  • No repeat analyses

Regulatory compliance

Specified beyond standards

Most EMSURE® product specifications meet or even exceed ACS, Reag. Ph Eur and ISO guidelines. As a result, they can be used for almost all applications, including pharmacopoeia analysis.

  • Compliance with ACS, ISO and / or Reag. Ph Eur
  • Most products’ specifications even exceed international standards
  • Suitable for pharmacopoeia analysis
  • Can be used internationally

Extended impurity profile

  •  Most extensive specifications worldwide
    - Tested for up to 70 parameters
    - Extraordinary purity
    - Very low limiting values
  • Greater accuracy and control of analyses
  • Optimized for highly critical and demanding analyses
  • Ideal for method development
  • No interference or contamination due to unknown impurities

Global availability

One excellent quality – worldwide

Multinational customers can work with the same standard operating procedures (SOPs), and export to countries with different regulations.

  • Identical quality worldwide
  • Comparable results
  • Work with one global SOP
  • Suitable for global export

Comprehensive documentation

All the documents you need – whenever you need them

We provide extensive documentation for EMSURE® products to further support your work. All standard documents are available 24/7 on www.SigmaAldrich.com. Simply search for documents using the product number, CAS number or keywords.

Standard EMSURE® documents include:

  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
  • Product specifications
  • Batch-specific Certificate of Analysis (CoA)
  • Physicochemical information

For more security and simplicity in your analyses and audits, we also offer further documents for EMSURE® products on request.

EMSURE® Products