EMSURE® for Analysis ACS, ISO, Reag. Ph Eur

Premium-Grade Reagents for Demanding or Regulated Analytical Applications

The EMSURE® brand designates our premium-grade inorganics and solvents optimized for regulated analyses and highly demanding lab applications. These products offer the highest quality and an unmatched scope of specifications to eliminate uncertainties and give you complete control of test conditions. What’s more, EMSURE® reagents and solvents are fully compliant with international regulations and suitable for an extraordinarily wide range of applications. So if you want to be more than sure: choose EMSURE®.

EMSURE® products are the perfect choice for demanding analytical methods with low detection limits and highest sensitivity. All EMSURE® products are made from high-quality raw materials in our state-of-the-art production facilities, then tested for up to 70 parameters at our stringent quality control labs in Darmstadt, Germany. This results in outstanding chemical purity and extremely low limiting values.

Extended Impurity Profile – Superior Purity and Clarity

In addition to superior quality, EMSURE® offers extensive product information to prepare you for any analytical challenge. Every EMSURE® product comes with a comprehensive Certificate of Analysis that includes an extended impurity profile for each batch. This gives you absolute analytical security and prevents misinterpretation of results caused by impurities.

  • Most extensive specifications worldwide
  • Tested for up to 70 parameters
  • Extraordinary purity
  • Very low limiting values
  • Greater accuracy and control of analyses
  • Optimized for highly critical and demanding analyses
  • Ideal for method development
  • No interference or contamination due to unknown impurities


Accuracy and Reliability

Thanks to their outstanding batch-to-batch consistency, you can expect the same excellent quality each time you use EMSURE® products. You benefit from reproducible results and also from reduced analytical costs – because you can avoid repeat analyses and the need to stock up on specific product batches.

  • Unmatched batch-to-batch consistency
  • Reliable and reproducible results
  • Lower analytical costs
  • No repeat analyses


Convenience and Safety

EMSURE® products offer top quality both inside and out. They are available together with innovative packaging and withdrawal systems precisely tailored to the contents. Our solutions provide secure and convenient usage for your lab personnel and higher safety for the planet.

  • Packaging is always compatible with the product
  • Safe and convenient handling, storage and transportation
  • Optimal protection of chemicals and reagents from contamination
  • Application-oriented packaging
  • Wide choice of packaging materials and sizes

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Regulatory Compliance – Specified Beyond Standards

Most EMSURE® specifications not only fulfill ACS, Reag. Ph Eur, and ISO guidelines – but surpass them. That’s because we regularly add new parameters required by our customers. As a result, EMSURE® products can be used around the world for almost all applications, including pharmacopoeia analysis.
Due to their extensive specifications, EMSURE® products are also suitable for use with the latest technologies, such as detecting concentrations of metals via atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS).

  • Compliance with ACS, ISO and/or Reag. Ph Eur
  • Most products’ specifications exceed international standards (not only by number of parameters but also by offering lower limiting values)
  • Suitable for pharmacopoeia analysis
  • Can be used internationally