EMSURE® Quality Documentation

With EMSURE® Quality Documentation, you’ll always be ready for demanding lab applications and audits. No need to search for individual documents on various online sources. No need to request one certificate after another and wait for replies. Just one click and you have everything you need in one file. Our comprehensive information and up-to-date certificates offer more insights, more efficiency and more expertise to facilitate your paperwork and lab work.

Features and Benefits

  • Less administration work
  • Details on test protocols save analytical time
  • Faster preparation for audits
  • 5 years of regular updates (with Quality Documentation "Advanced")

Two Versions. One Goal.

EMSURE® Quality Documentation will be available in two versions for around 50 EMSURE® reagents, solvents, acids, caustics, and salts. The service is one further step in offering you the products and expertise you require for increasingly demanding lab applications. Discover how easy documentation can be.


Quality Documentation "Basic"

EMSURE® Quality Documentation "Basic" includes: The "Basic" version provides all standard registration and product specific characteristics – in a clear, concise and well-structured format.

  • Synonyms/nomenclature
  • Material Safety Data Sheet
  • ISO certificates of production sites
  • REACH registration statements
  • Product specifications
  • Country of origin
  • Risk statements, e.g. BSE/TSE information

Quality Documentation "Advanced"

The "Advanced" version offers insights into our stringent production and testing procedures. It includes details about additional, costly tests we perform to give you the utmost security in your lab work. The information is continuously revised and upgraded according to new methods and regulations.

The documentation is available as a PDF file, which can be saved directly in your lab system.
The complete package is available for €2,200. Simply contact us, sign our confidentiality agreement, download the document, and enjoy unlimited access to the most current information.  

Additional features of EMSURE® Quality Documentation "Advanced"

  • Production flow charts
  • Test monographs
  • Batch analysis comparison
  • Additional test certificates, e.g. allergens
  • CMR/GMO information
  • Non-nano particle information

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EMSURE® Quality Documentation is currently available for the following products:


If you have trouble finding the products you're looking for, please contact our customer support for assistance.