High Performance Analytical Products:
Same Product, New Label

Supelco® High Quality Analytical Products

Our analytical inorganics and solvents are now residing within the Supelco® portfolio. But don’t worry, the product specifications, trademark and packaging will all remain the same, the only difference is the label, because our high standards match yours. Our Supelco® portfolio will help you to find your perfect product for demanding analytical applications even more efficiently.

Analytical Inorganics and Solvents Supelco® Portfolio

Supelco® High Performance Analytical Products

Supelco® Analytical Products. Accurate. Precise. Consistent.

Our comprehensive portfolio—developed by analytical chemists for analytical chemists—covers a broad range of analytical solutions, and every product is meticulously quality-controlled to maintain the integrity of your testing protocols.

Supelco® inorganics and solvents include:

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  • Reproducible and reliable analytical results
  • Comprehensive portfolio of analytical products and services
  • Application-oriented products developed by analytical chemists, for analytical chemists

Accurate analytical products

We know only the most accurate analytical products will do. That’s why we offer the Supelco® portfolio of analytical products. Whatever your needs are, our portfolio is always fit for purpose, ensuring your results are accurate.


Achieving the reproducibility with Supelco®

Supelco® scientists are dedicated to your analytical applications. The expertise you need is always on hand to support you in achieving the precision and accuracy you require.


Supelco® products are meticulously quality-controlled

Every product from the Supelco® portfolio is meticulously quality-controlled to maintain the integrity of your testing protocols.