Packaging Material

Premium Unfilled Packaging Material

packaging range

For your individual applications, preparations and mixtures, we provide a variety of our packaging types and sizes unfilled.

Pick up the most suitable packaging from our portfolio:

  • Glass bottles
  • HDPE bottles
  • Aluminum bottles
  • Stainless steel barrels & drums
  • Metal drums with PE-inliner


  • Best-tested characteristics to pack up our  chemicals
  • Optimized for easy and safe handling, storage and transport
  • Quick selection from wide choice of premimum packaging options
  • Compatible safety accessories available
  • Safe transportation: many of our bottles are delivered in UN-approved transport packaging

Selection Guidelines

  • Always ensure product compatibility when choosing packaging material
  • Get detailed information about suitable packaging for respective products via product search
  • For correct use of packaging materials, please observe all instructions about handling, storage and transport of hazardous goods
  • Strictly adhere to the safety laws, regulations, and guidelines in your country and region

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