Quality Assurance to Empower your Lab

Classical Inorganic Reagents and Solvents EMSURE®, EMPARTA®, EMPLURA®

For our products, we don’t just promise the highest quality. We prove it.
Through stringent testing at our state-of-the-art labs. Through a sophisticated quality control process based on the integrated quality-management system ISO 9001. And through successful audits by regulatory bodies, official agencies, and our customers. The result: you have the most reliable reagents and solvents to empower your work.

Our analytical competence

  • Global network for production, QA/QC and distribution 48 production sites
  • More than 1,000 experts in analytical quality control worldwide
  • Exchange of expertise throughout global organization
  • Most modern methods, equipment and IT systems
  • EMSURE® products tested at our Center of Excellence in Darmstadt, Germany
  • EMPARTA® and EMPLURA® products tested at our own labs close to production and filling site

Your analytical confidence

  • High-quality reagents for almost all analytical applications
  • Reliable, reproducible results
  • Confidence in your application and analytical decisions
  • No interference from impurities in your analysis
  • Lower blank values resulting in higher sensitivity
  • Certainty in method development
  • Excellent batch to batch consistency
  • Certificate of analysis (CoA) available online 24/7
  • Compliance with international standards
  • Simplified audits and accreditation

CENTER OF EXCELLENCE - Exclusive EMSURE® Testing Facility

  • Dedicated quality control of all EMSURE® grade products
  • Located at our site in Darmstadt, Germany
  • Includes 14 QC labs and 2 QA units in one organizational quality unit<
  • Approx. 160 highly qualified chemists, pharmacists, and lab technicians
  • Quality control according to international standards
  • Legal requirements and our own rigorous criteria
  • Each parameter of the specification is tested for each batch of product
  • Compliance to current DIN EN ISO 9001 Standard