Reagents for Pharmacopoeia Analysis

Quality and Reliability Around the World

Our analytical reagents meet the authoritative quality guidelines for pharmacopoeia analysis worldwide and are not only specified in accordance with the American ACS standard but also Reag. Ph. Eur. We offer you products in compliance with the latest editions of ACS and Reag. Ph Eur, the most reliable results due to high chemical purity, and excellent batch-to-batch consistency. Under the product designation "For analysis EMSURE®, ACS, Reag. Ph Eur", we supply a comprehensive range of acids, salts, caustic alkalis, solvents, indicators and special reagents.

Features and Benefits

  • Analytical reagents suitable for testing according to pharmacopeias (USP, EP)
  • High reproducibility and batch-to-batch consistency hence no need for repeat analysis
  • Most extensive range of analytical reagents for pharmacopeia analysis – from one supplier
  • Greater efficiency and economy thanks to high quality reagents with specifications required by the FDA and local authorities
  • Audit acceptance and lower validation efforts due to internationally consistent product quality
  • Optimum packaging for each individual product – available in a variety of practical sizes
  • Continuous, high product availability with fast delivery ensure seamless supply of high-quality reagents