Safe Handling

Our broad range of withdrawal systems and accessories includes everything you need to ensure safe and easy handling and contamination-free withdrawal of organic inorganics and solvents.

All recommended applications are tested in accordance to the properties and specifications of the chemical.

Our products provide essential safety features required by safety regulations – from self-closing nozzles to safety accessories with pressure relief mechanisms and anti-static devices.

Systems for manual pressure build-up and inert gas pressurizing are supplemented by a comprehensive selection of reducers, adapters and couplings that allow easy interconnection of all components. This way you can precisely manage your individual chemical flow and thus optimize your processes – and at the same time minimize risks for your employees and the environment.

Manual solvent withdrawal system for 10l/30l barrels

Manual solvent withdrawal system for 10l/25l drums

Manual solvent withdrawal system for 200l containers

Solvent withdrawal system for inert gas pressurizing


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