Safety in the Laboratory

We take safety in the laboratory very seriously. Discover our products and tools that help keep you safe in the laboratory.

Safety Products

Absorbents for Spilled Liquids Chemizorb®

Accidental spills of hazardous liquids can happen in any lab. With Chemizorb®, you
can remove harmful, aggressive or other
unpleasant liquids quickly, safely and
without harming the environment.

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Cleaning Applications Extran®

Use Extran® for a green way to clean. These all-purpose cleaners are reliable, residue-free and biodegradable.

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Drying Agent

Drying agents (desiccants) from us are
the ideal choice for your drying
applications in the lab, in production,
or for storage and transport.

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Safety Accessories and Withdrawal Systems

Our broad range of withdrawal systems and accessories has everything you need to ensure safe and easy handling along with contamination-free withdrawal of organic solvents.

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Acids in Safety Bottles

Because accidents can happen – we offer acids in unbreakable safety bottles. Avoid consequential damage and serious injuries.

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