Salts in outstanding analytical purity – combined with better flowability

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of EMSURE® salts for inorganic analysis that comprises salts for analysis EMSURE® with ACS declaration as well as salts for analysis EMSURE® ACS, Reag. Ph Eur specified for pharmacopoeia analysis. For selected products, we have considerably improved flowability by reworking and optimizing our production processes – enabling easier handling and more reliable analytical results.
Flow-enhanced salts for analysis EMSURE® offer you:

  • exceptional analytical purity
  • compliance with international standards
  • the best specs in the industry
  • better handling thanks to improved flowability


Outstanding purity

All our EMSURE® salts for analysis feature outstanding analytical purity, and their specifications show more parameters and better values than those of competing products. EMSURE® salts for analysis are thoroughly tested using analytical methods validated according to the latest ACS version. We even analyze additional parameters not required by ACS. Our premium salts designated "for analysis EMSURE® ACS, Reag. Ph Eur" fully comply to the requirements of both the European and U.S. pharmacopoeias. Many EMSURE® salts also meet or exceed ISO requirements.

Enhanced flowability

Due to their natural hygroscopicity, many inorganic salts tend to cake, forming hard lumps that make handling and weighing very difficult. This can severely impair the reliability of your analysis because precision and reproducibility of analytical results crucially depend on the exact amount of salt being used in preparing samples or solutions.
To overcome this issue, we have considerably enhanced the flowability of several salts that are most critical for analytical use. In these salts, clumping is reduced substantially. If caking occurs nevertheless, gently shaking the packaging will quickly restore the flowability of the salts. Flow-enhanced salts for analysis EMSURE® are thus much easier to handle in sample preparation and can substantially boost the reliability of your analyses in the wet chemical lab.

No compromise in quality and specs

Our flow-enhanced salts are unique in the market. The increase in flowability is achieved solely through innovative formulation and optimized production processes, not by means of packaging or by adding flow-enhancing modifiers that would compromise the purity of the salts and alter the guaranteed specifications.
As a consequence, all our flow-enhanced salts still feature the same reliable quality and exceptionally high purity that our customers have come to expect from our reagents for analytical use. Nearly all of our flow-enhanced salts meet not only ACS specifications, but also the standards of the European Pharmacopoeia for analytical reagents (Reag. Ph Eur) and of ISO. Flow-enhanced salts for analysis EMSURE® will satisfy your strictest analytical requirements.


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