SeccoSept® – Protected Quality

Innovative Septum Closure for SeccoSolv® Dried Solvents

Featuring highest purity and extremely low water content, SeccoSolv dried solvents from us are essential for many laboratory and manufacturing applications, e. g. organic syntheses, Karl Fischer titrations, or DNA/RNA synthesis. The innovative SeccoSept® septum closure has been developed to optimally protect these high-quality products from potential contaminants and ensure safe and simple handling.

SeccoSept® features a rotating cap that in turn exposes and covers five extra-large circular areas of septum for repeated puncturing. Multiple layers of protection make sure that the solvent is always in flawless condition – before, during and after removal. Bottles with SeccoSept® are offered with 150 ml and 1 l capacities.

Feature and Benefits

  • Better protection
  • Simpler handling
  • More flexibility


SeccoSept® offers double tamper evidence: A security ring on the screw closure and a seal on the septa opening eliminate any doubt whether the product has been previously opened.

The innovative septum used in SeccoSept® is a special PTFE encapsulated polymer disk featuring extra-large punctuation areas as well as outstanding self-sealing properties for rapid re-sealing. The large circular punctuation areas represent a major benefit compared to smaller septum areas which are prone to irreversible damage when punctured repeatedly. As a result, the SeccoSept® septum can be punctured multiple times without losing stability or becoming porous or damaged.

Easy and Flexible Handling

SeccoSept® features a special cap that can be rotated over the septum. An opening in the rotating cap in turn uncovers five apertures in the screw closure below exposing extra-large circular septum areas for repeated punctuation. Only the septum circle currently in use is exposed to the environment – after solvent removal, the user simply turns the cap to the sealing position and the fresh puncture site is safely covered again. When needed, the bottle's rotating cap also permits one-handed operation for safe and easy handling during your applications.

If you need to withdraw larger quantities of solvent, simply take off the septum cap entirely. Alternatively, you can remove the yellow cap and access all five septum circles simultaneously.