Dried Solvents SeccoSolv®

SeccoSolv®: High-Purity Dried Solvents with Lowest Water Content

Many moisture-sensitive lab applications, demand high-purity solvents with the lowest possible water content. Our ready-to-use SeccoSolv® dried solvents are especially designed to fulfill the most challenging requirements.

SeccoSolv® solvents are produced using selected distillation methods that ensure constantly high dryness and batch-to-batch consistency. Using our SeccoSolv®, you benefit from reliable results and from considerable time-savings compared to self-dried solvents. Moreover, we offer you a broad range of tailored packaging solutions for maximum flexibility, protection, and ease of use.

The innovative SeccoSept® septum cap provides multiple layers of protection for keeping your solvent in flawless condition – before, during, and after removal. Bottles with SeccoSept® are offered with 150 ml and 1 l capacities. SeccoSolv® dried solvents are also available in 500 ml, 1 l and 2.5 l bottles with a standard S40 cap, in returnable stainless steel containers from 10 l up to 1,400 l, and in fully sealed container systems for extremely water-sensitive applications. Tailor-made solutions are available on request.


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