Digital Test Strip Readout with MQuant® StripScan

Analyze your MQuant® test strips with your smartphone for fast, convenient, and precise results

Test the simplest way to determine pH or concentrations of chemicals in aqueous solutions. This low-priced and easy-to-use analytical detection system provides reliable quantification of water, food & beverage samples for customers from research, industry, environment and diagnostics.

  • Quick, easy, and reliable
  • Superior precision – finer gradation of results
  • Convenient data analysis

Read out your MQuant® test strips in seconds with the StripScan app, and analyze, outline and share your data measurements with the StripScan Web application!

Three components for your digital readout test system

MQuant® StripScan –
the FREE iPhone App
The tool for digital test strip readout
• Make your measurements
  with MQuant® StripScan
  and effortlessly manage,
  visualize and share your results.
• StripScan allows you to
  digitally read out your test
  results everywhere.

The MQuant® StripScan App is available for free in the App Store, available
for iOS 10 & iOS 11



MQuant® StripScan Reference Cards
The color reference for precise results
• The MQuant® StripScan Reference
  Card ensures reliable and precise
  results by providing an external
  color standard.
• The brilliant and colorfast
  reference colors allow for robust
  measurement results even under
  changing lighting conditions.

How to get your Reference Cards
The MQuant® StripScan Reference Cards will be available for purchase in July 2018. Visit us at the Analytica trade show to receive a free card.

Want to become a tester?
Please complete the form to become a tester for the MQuant® StripScan and to request your free MQuant® reference card. Please understand that the reference cards have limited availability.

MQuant® test strips

Your quick, easy and low-priced chemical analysis tools

pH Indicator Test Strip (109535):

Due to our unique manufacturing process, pH indicator strips do not bleed, so that that measurements can be made directly in the sample without contaminating it. The pH tests are suited for environmental analyses and in industrial in-process controls.

MQuant® Nitrate Test Strip (110020):
The MQuant® nitrate test can be used for monitoring of drinking water, process water and wastewater, as well as in aquarium water where thresholds can quickly be exceeded. It can also be used for determining nitrate in food, e.g. potatoes.

MQuant® StripScan Web
Data analysis platform

Sign in to StripScan web for advanced data analysis options. Group your data into experiments and graph, share, delete and export your data.  Convenient and intuitive, StripScan Web allows you to take your data analysis further. Explore the free platform here



How to use StripScan
• Start the app and get your
  MQuant® test strip and Reference
  card ready

• Step 1: Test your sample with the
  test strip
• Step 2: Choose the corresponding
  parameter in the app and await
• Step 3: Place your test strip on
  the Reference Card and take an
  image with the automatic app
  acquisition mechanism
• Step 4: Read out the result and
  compare it with your data

Application Notes
New MQuant® Application notes for:
pH in orange juice, coffee, tap
  water, or white wine
Nitrate in white wine or soil