MQuant® pH Indicator Tests

pH Measurement Easier than Ever

pH value plays a highly important role in biochemistry, chemistry and technology. It affects numerous chemical processes. The results of many analytical methods are influenced by the pH of the solvent or buffer. The measurement can be made with a pH meter or with rapid tests, such as pH indicator paper or strips and pH indicator solutions (pH indicator mixtures).

Premium pH Indicator Papers and Strips

Our Tradition are high quality pH filter papers and non-bleeding pH indicator strips.
The unique safety edge box for test strips and the roll format offers security and convenience for your daily work.

Our pH indicator papers are well suited for long-term storage. Supplied in rolls, they are well protected against external influences such as moisture, light, and acid and alkaline gases.

pH indicator papers are manufactured by impregnating high-quality filter paper with indicator or mixed-indicator solutions. Then the paper is dried, cut and packed into the corresponding sizes.

pH Indicator strips contain special indicator dyes that are covalently bound to the cellulose of the reagent paper. They are non bleeding and highly accurate, even with weak buffers.

Quick and Clear pH Measurements of Turbid Solutions

Our Innovation – transparent pH strips for clear results in cloudy solutions without special sample preparation. For conventional pH Indicator strips it might be difficult to deliver reliable results in turbid or colored liquid. Suspended particulate matter which accumulates on the reaction zone can obscure the color and your results.

pH Indicator Strips (non-bleeding)
pH Indicator strips universal indicator or with broad ranges:
pH 0-14
pH 2.0-9.0
pH 5.0-10.0
pH Indicator strips with ranges < pH 7.5:
pH 0-6.0
pH 0-2.5
pH 2.5-4.5
pH 4.0-7.0

pH Indicator strips with ranges > pH 5:
pH 6.5-10.0
pH 7.5-14.0
pH 11.0-13.0
pH Indicator Strips (for professional use)
pH Indicator strips for turbid solutions: pH 2.0-9.0 Special Indicator strips for pH measurement in meat: pH 5.2-7.2 pH Indicator strips, individually sealed: pH 2.0-9.0
pH Indicator Papers
Universal indicator paper
pH 1-14

Replacement rolls
pH 1-14
Universal Indicator paper
pH 1-10

Replacement rolls
pH 1-10
pH – Box pH 0.5-13.0

Replacement rolls
pH 0.5-5.0
pH 5.5–9.0
pH 9.5-13.0
Acilit® pH 0.5-5.0

Replacement rolls
pH 0.5-5.0
Neutralit® pH 5.5-9.0

Replacement rolls
pH 5.5–9.0
Alkalit® pH 9.5-13.0

Replacement rolls
pH 9.5-13.0
Special Indicator paper:
pH 3.8-5.4
pH 5.4-7.0
pH 6.4-8.0
pH 8.2- 10.0
Litmus paper: Blue Reag. Ph Eur
pH<4 red/>9 blue

Red Reag. Ph Eur
pH <4 red/>9 blue
Congo Red Paper Reag. Ph Eur: pH<2 blue-violet / >5 red-orange
other pH indicator paper:
pH <8 colorless / >9 red
pH Indicator - Booklet format:
pH 1-10

Application Notes
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  analyses: water or wastewater
  testing, disinfection control,
  food & beverages, quality control
  and in process monitoring
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  notes for photometry and
, find the ideal
  method to support your production
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