Thermal Desorption Tube Selection Guide

In addition to the general guidelines presented in the tables below view the technical report titled “A Tool for Selecting an Adsorbent for Thermal Desorption Applications” (1,770Kb pdf - T402025), which highlights the relative differences between the most commonly used adsorbents with the help of color-coded performance charts.

Application Overview for Carbotrap® Thermal Desorption Tubes with Multiple Beds

Thermal Desorption Tube Adsorbents Application
Carbotrap® 100 Carbotrap B C-5-C12 compounds in air
Carbotrap 150 Glass beads, Carbotrap C Large molecules in air or aqueous samples
Carbotrap 200 Glass beads, Carbotrap B, Carbosieve® S-III C2-C14 compounds in air
Carbotrap 201 Carbopack™ B, Carboxen®-1000 Focusing semivolatile to very volatile compounds
Carbotrap 202 Carbopack B, Carbopack C C5-C20 compounds in air
Carbotrap 217 Carbotrap B, Carboxen-1000 TO-17 compounds & other volatile compounds in air
Carbotrap 300 Carbotrap C, Carbotrap B, Carbosieve S-III C2 and larger compounds in air
Carbotrap 301 Carbopack C, Carbopack B, Carboxen-1000 Focusing volatile and semivolatile compounds
Carbotrap 302 Carbopack C, Carbopack B, Carboxen-1001 Volatile compounds in aqueous solutions
Carbotrap 317 Carbotrap C, Carbotrap B, Carboxen-1000 TO-17 compounds and other volatile and semivolatile compounds in air
Carbotrap 349 Carbopack Y, Carbopack B, Carboxen-1003 NIOSH 2549: Volatile organic compounds in air
Carbotrap 370 Carbopack F, Carbopack C, Carbopack B C5-C30 compounds thermally extracted from solid samples; focusing semivolatile compounds
Carbotrap 400 Carbotrap F, Carbotrap C, Carbotrap B, Carboxen 569 C2 and larger compounds in aqueous samples

Thermal Desorption Tube Selection by Agency Method

Method Thermal Desorption Tube
ASTM D6196 Carbotrap 100, Carbopack B, Chromosorb® 106
EPA TO-1 Tenax® TA
EPA TO-2 Carbosieve SIII
EPA TO-14 Air Toxics
EPA TO-17 Carbotrap 217, Carbotrap 300, Carbotrap 317
EPA 1P-1B Tenax TA, Carbotrap 349
EPA 0030, EPA 0031, EPA SW-846 VOST Stack Sampling Tubes: Tenax TA (35/60 mesh), Tenax TA:Petroleum Charcoal (2:1)
MDHS 72 Chromosorb 106
NIOSH 2549 Carbotrap 349

Chromosorb is a registered trademark of Imerys Minerals California, Inc.
Tenax registered trademark of Buchem B.V.