Organic TraceCERT® Portfolio Keeps Growing! New Organic Certified Reference Materials

By: Matthias Nold, Product Manager, Reference Materials,

New Organic Certified Reference Materials

Some chemical Structures of new organic TraceCERT® CRMs

Figure 1 Some chemical Structures of new organic TraceCERT® CRMs.

In late 2009, our site in Buchs, Switzerland achieved an ISO 17025 and ISO Guide 34 double accreditation by the Swiss accreditation body SAS, for the manufacturing of organic certified reference materials (CRMs) by quantitative NMR (qNMR). Just recently, our accreditation has been renewed and we are one of the first reference materials suppliers holding the new ISO

17034:2016 which is replacing ISO Guide 34:2009. This method enables us to establish traceability to NIST SRM for basically any organic compound without the need to have a CRM of the same compound available.

Since then, we have continually expanded our portfolio, which is currently comprised of over 250 organic CRMs. These products are marketed under the TraceCERT® brand and are suitable as calibrants for all kinds of chromatographic techniques.

Our extraordinary in-house skills in quantitative NMR, which is increasingly used as a quantitative analysis technique in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, are constantly refined and extended. For our CRMs, we can reach uncertainties as low as 0.5% to 0.1%. Also, qNMR enables us to produce CRM solutions, even when only a very small amount of material is available (see article about the Tutin CRM solution).

For those interested in more details about this versatile and efficient quantification technique, a large number of publications and technical articles are available.2 You will also find a detailed technical qNMR brochure available as a pdf download on our website (

We continuously work on the expansion of the organic TraceCERT® range. The most recent additions are shown in the table below and include pesticides, vitamins, antibiotics and parabens. Also among the new launches is a CRM for Taurine, for which an interesting analytical application for its detection in shampoo can be found here.




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