CERTAN® Capillary Vials

By: Nicole Amann, Analytix Volume 5 Article 6

The advantages of a sealed ampul with the flexibility of a screw cap bottle or a septum vial. Ideal for the storage of volatile samples and reference standards.

By Nicole Amann, Product Manager Analytical Standards


  • 1.5 mL, 4.5 mL and 10 mL volumes
  • Amber glass
  • 1.2 mm I.D. x 28 mm height capillary opening permits sample withdrawal or addition via syringe needle
  • PTFE-lined screw-cap gives a sure seal

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  • No appreciable change in concentration, even when open
  • Secure storage with minimal evaporation
  • Minimizes contamination risk
  • Sample filling and removal using a standard GC syringe
  • Essentially spill-proof

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CERTAN® Vials are intended for these and other important analytical applications

  • Storage of liquids removed from conventional glass ampuls
  • Storage of stock and standard solutions
  • Storage of difficult samples such as volatile halogen compounds or BTEX aromatics
  • Archiving of production or QC samples and extracts

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