Laminin Cell Attachment Protocol

By: George Sitterley, BioFiles 2008, 3.8, 11.

BioFiles 2008, 3.8, 11.

Laminin (Cat. Nos. L2020 , L6274)

Optimal conditions for attachment must be determined for each cell line and application.

  1. Slowly thaw laminin at 2-8°C to avoid the formation of a gel.
  2. Dilute in a balanced salt solution and coat culture surface with a minimal volume.
  3. Allow to air dry at least 45 minutes before introducing cells and medium.

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Ask a Scientist!

Cat. No. L2020 (Laminin):

Q1) Can I coat laminin on top of poly-L-lysine for better adherence?

A1) When coating coverslips or slides for use with neural stem cells (neurospheres) the following procedure is used. Precoat the coverslips with poly-L-lysine (Cat. No. P5899) at 100 μg/mL. This is incubated for 30 minutes or more at room temperature. The coverslips are washed with sterile water and allowed to dry. They can be stored at room temperature until ready to use (up to 1 month). Coverslips are then coated with 30 - 50 μL of laminin (50 μg/mL) which has been warmed. Incubate at 37°C for 30 minutes. Remove the laminin and wash with DME (50 μL) twice. The cells are added to the coverslips.

Q2) What is the purity of this product?

A2) We do not determine a purity of this product. An SDS PAGE gel is run and the pattern (3 bands) is comparable to past lots.

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