96 Well Plate Template

A 96-well plate template is used to design scientific experiments where different groups of controls or samples are used. These free downloadable and printable well-plate templates come in multiple formats (96, 48, 24) for a range of different experimental purposes. 

Download Template: PNG  JPG  PDF  SVG (opens a browser window).

Or, click the image to download the 96-well plate template. This well plate template is a free download made available for your own research. If you found this page useful, share it on your social media account or your website.

96 well-plate template for use with experiements and research. Free, downloadable and printable. For researchers and students.

Click to download this 96 well-plate template.

Downloadable 24 & 48 Well Templates

Download printable 24 and 48 well plate templates in PDF, JPG, PNG and SVG formats for use at your desk, in the laboratory or anywhere else. They are available in image and PDF. Use these templates for experiments requiring fewer numbers of wells per well plate. 

48 Well Plate Template:  PDF  JPG  PNG

24 Well Plate Template:  PDF  JPG  PNG

How to Use a 96 Well Plate

The 96-well plate template is used to design experiments performed in a well plate. The template is read like a chart, one side labeled A-H the other 1-12 for each grouping. Use the template to set up your experiment controls, unknown samples and other variables. 

A 96 well plate (also known as a 96 well microwell or microtiter plate) contains 96 small test tube like containers so that many experiments can be performed on one plate. Experiments are performed manually using a multichannel pipettor or robotic liquid handler in each well. The plate well can be shaped differently depending on the type of experiment such as small V bottom (PCR reaction), flat bottom (cell assays and quantitation assays) and round bottom (unattached cell proliferation, DNA extraction). 

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