Performing a Purification of IgG Antibodies with Protein A HP MultiTrap™

Protein A HP MultiTrap™ is a 96-well plate prepacked with Protein A Sepharose High Performance for the preparation of protein samples, optimization of buffer conditions, enrichment of proteins of interest from clarified cell lysates and biological fluids, and purification of antibodies (Figure 3.15). Purification runs are performed in parallel, which ensures fast and reliable capture of antibodies from a large number of complex samples. Each package of Protein A HP MultiTrap™ contains four prepacked multiwell plates and alternative protocols for protein enrichment of target antibody-antigen complexes by immunoprecipitation and antibody purification. Collection plates for collecting eluted, purified antibody are available separately.

The protocol for screening and purification of antibodies is the same as described for Protein G Sepharose HP MultiTrap™.

Protein A HP MultiTrap 96-well plate

Fig 3.15. Protein A HP MultiTrap™ 96-well plates are used for rapid, parallel screening and small-scale purification of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies.


Sample preparation, buffer preparation, and purification

Protein A HP MultiTrap™ is used with the same protocol as Protein G Sepharose HP MultiTrap™.


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