Performing a Purification of IgG Antibodies with Protein A HP SpinTrap™ columns

Extracted from Affinity Chromatography Vol. 1: Antibodies, GE Healthcare, 2016

Protein A HP SpinTrap™ (Figure 3.16) is a single-use spin column for protein enrichment of target antigens from antibody-antigen complexes and antibody purification from unclarified serum and cell culture supernatants. The columns are designed for small-scale purification of multiple samples in parallel and are suitable for use in antibody screening experiments. Protein A HP SpinTrap™ contains Protein A Sepharose® High Performance, which has high protein binding capacity, and is compatible with all buffers commonly used in antibody purification.

The 16 columns supplied in each package can be used with a standard microcentrifuge. Each package of Protein A HP SpinTrap™ contains alternative protocols for protein enrichment of target antibody-antigen complexes by immunoprecipitation and for antibody purification.

The same procedure as described for Protein G Sepharose® HP can be used for screening and purification of antibodies.

Protein A HP SpinTrap columns

Figure 3.16. Protein A HP SpinTrap™ columns are used for protein enrichment of target proteins using antibodies bound to the protein A ligand or for small-scale purification of antibodies.


Sample preparation, buffer preparation, and purification

Protein A HP SpinTrap™ is used with the same protocol as Protein G Sepharose HP SpinTrap™.


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