Bath Salts in Urine – Supel™-Select SCX SPE and Ascentis® Express HILIC

LC-MS Analysis of Illicit Bath Salts in Urine on Ascentis Express HILIC after Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) on Supel-Select SCX

This application demonstrates the analysis of bath salts extracted from human urine samples using polymeric solid phase extraction (SPE) sample preparation followed by hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography (HILIC) analysis with TOF-MS detection. HILIC conditions on the Ascentis Express HILIC (Si) phase are used for fast, high-resolution separation of nine synthetic bath salts. Recoveries greater than 65% were observed for all analytes except MDPV (43.7%).

The Figure illustrates the detection of bath salts in the spiked urine sample after SPE sample cleanup. Notice there are no interfering peaks in the chromatogram, demonstrating the effectiveness of the SPE sample cleanup. As a reference, the Figure also depicts the monitored bath salt ions for the blank urine sample. Again, there are no interfering peaks that could cause irregularities in analyte detection.


Following is a selection of products that can be used in this application. It is meant for research and forensic applications and not for medical or diagnostic purposes.

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