BugBuster® Protein Extraction Reagent in new configurations for convenience and versatility in soluble protein extraction

BugBuster® Protein Extraction Reagent is formulated for the gentle disruption of the cell wall of E. coli, liberating soluble protein. It provides a simple, rapid, low-cost alternative to mechanical methods such as French Press or sonication for releasing expressed target protein in preparation for purification or other applications.

BugBuster® HT Protein Extraction Reagent combines BugBuster® Protein Extraction Reagent and Benzonase® Nuclease in one convenient reagent. BugBuster HT eliminates common bioprocessing problems resulting from traditional cell lysis procedures. Soluble proteins are gently extracted from E. coli without exposure to heat or oxidative damage and viscosity is eliminated by nucleic acid digestion in a single step. The resulting protein extract can easily be fractionated by conventional purification techniques. BugBuster® HT is ideally suited for application in high throughput protein purifications.

BugBuster® 10X Protein Extraction Reagent is a concentrated formulation of the proprietary detergents employed in BugBuster® without the addition of salts or buffer components. Concentrated BugBuster® provides a flexible alternative to the ready-to-use standard 1X BugBuster®, allowing user-defined dilution and addition of buffer components. BugBuster® 10X has all of the bioprocessing benefits of standard BugBuster plus the freedom to control pH, reagent concentration, and buffer additives necessary for maximum extraction and activity of your target protein.

BugBuster® (primary amine-free) Protein Extraction Reagent is a special formulation of BugBuster® designed for applications where primary amines would interfere if present in the protein extract, such as protein immobilization or cross-linking. The PIPPS buffer used in BugBuster® (primary amine-free) has a similar buffer capacity and pH range as the original Tris-buffered BugBuster®, but will not complex metal ions, also making it ideally suited for extraction of metal-dependent proteins.