Cell Characterization

Cell-based Cancer Immunotherapy

Our in-house R&D scientists and engineers have developed state-of-the art instruments and assays to characterize cell health, genotype, phenotype, and the immune response of genetically engineered T cells. Innovative instruments and validated assays ensure confident analysis of cell identity, purity, viability, and potency. Investigate the tumor microenvironment, analyze CAR-T cell signaling pathways, verify T cell function, quantify the expression of immunomodulatory receptors (IMR), and monitor cytokine secretion.

Protein Detection using Immunoassays

An ever-growing portfolio of biomarker assays provides precise, high-content analysis of CAR-T cell signaling pathways, and verification of T cell function and cytokine production.


Use Luminex xMAP® technology to simultaneously measure dozens of markers of immunogenic activity and inflammation, oncology, and cell signaling across multiple species. Find the multiplexing instrument that suits your throughput and application, and  choose from premade panels or design your own custom assays. A wide range of human immune analytes are available.

Simultaneously analyze multiple cytokine and chemokine biomarkers with bead-based multiplex assays using the Luminex xMAP® technology, in human serum, plasma and cell culture samples.

Singulex Erenna®

Ultrasensitive SMC™ technology,  developed by Singulex, Inc., provides an invaluable tool in the researcher’s arsenal to help move novel biology forward, fueling the discovery and development of new therapeutics. Single Molecule Counting (SMC™) assays provide fg/mL levels of sensitivity, and extended dynamic ranges. Continuous development of new SMC™ assays addresses diverse research areas and species, including immunology and inflammation.

ELISpot Assays

Only our ELISpot immunodetection assays offer  critical multi-dimensional, quantitative assessment of T cell functional response at the single cell level using Millipore PVDF membranes for  superior sensitivity and resolution.