Cell Engineering

Cell-based Cancer Immunotherapy

Engineering cancer-targeting T cells is not as simple as creating receptor specificity for tumor-associated epitopes. Genetic modification of effector leukocytes must demonstrate efficacy while not engendering on- or off-target toxicities like cytokine response syndrome (CRS) which can lead to serious patient complications.

We are a life science leader in tools and services that enable the design and engineering of novel constructs that will deliver safe and effective immunotherapies.

Gene Synthesis: Construct and Assemble

Engineering T cells to express greater specificity and affinity for oncological targets is key to effective cell therapy. We put the building blocks for synthetic biology engineering in your hands for the assembly and transfer of CAR and TCR constructs.

Our molecular cloning, expression and gene synthesis tools speed accurate synthesis, and we offer complete tools such as transfection for gene transfer and supporting tools for confirming expression.


Targeted Genome Editing

Targeted genome editing is a potent approach for rapid and efficient generation of engineered cells. Our targeted genome editing tools include both CRISPRs and zinc finger nucleases to build cell lines and disease models that minimize off-target effects and toxicity. We offer off-the-shelf reagents and full service custom-engineered cell lines via our Cell Design Studio.

Cell Culture Solutions

Today, our combined innovative cell culture solutions range from immune cell lines and media to a comprehensive suite of supporting reagents for your cell culture preparation, growth, and analysis

Antibodies and Small Molecules

Application-tested, published antibodies, cytokines, and recombinant proteins such as IL-2 help to activate, expand, differentiate, and label immune cells. 

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