Process Development

Cell-based Cancer Immunotherapy

A major challenge for adoptive immunotherapies is translating research into scalable, sustainable and affordable therapeutics. We offer reliable production tools and raw materials meeting GMP standards, process development know-how for consistent cell therapy expansion and seamless integration of services including viral vector cGMP production, cell and virus banking, biosafety testing.

Process Design for Cell Growth and Harvest

Our platform of scalable, disposable production solutions enables rapid and consistent cell therapy expansion, as well as maintenance of cell phenotype and function. Learn more.

Cell Culture Media and Reagents

Both small- and large-scale production and media platforms, including serum-containing media, xeno-free media and serum-free conditions. Learn more.

Seamless Integration of Services

Combined with BioReliance leading biologics safety testing services, clients can count on an integrated package of manufacturing and safety assessment service to ensure successful product development. Learn more.

EMPROVE® Program

With the industry facing ever increasing regulations for risk assessment, we’ve broadened the scope of our EMPROVE® portfolio and dossier structure to help you meet the latest regulatory requirements and speed your way through the regulatory maze. Learn more.