Response Modeling

Cell-based Cancer Immunotherapy

Assessing the activity of effector cell modifications in vitro is critical to refining on-target efficacy and predicting clinical response of immunotherapies.  The potency of cellular therapeutics can be predicted by analyzing activation markers, antigen presentation, cytotoxicity, and the quantitation of cytokines.

We offer next-generation cell analysis and protein detection platforms to provide unparalleled technical data for precise and robust quantitation of immune cells, defining tumor cell-immune cell interactions, establishing safety and efficacy profiles, and forecasting on-target response.

Duolink Proximity Ligation Assay (PLA)

Quantify CAR-T/target cell interaction with Duolink®, a technology that enables you to detect, quantify and visualize protein-protein interactions, single target protein expression levels, and post translational modification events. Use the proximity ligation assay to detect the interaction of tumor antigens with immune effector ligands.

Amnis® Imaging Flow Cytometers

Phenotype, track signaling events, and investigate the immunological synapse with the powerful combination of flow cytometry and microscopic images of every cell. Learn more here.

Cellular Activity Assays

Explore our extensive portfolio of well-published, quantitative and optimized live cell, whole-cell, and cell-based activity assays. Study apoptosis, invasion, adhesion, migration and more.