Oncotarget Identification

Cell-based Cancer Immunotherapy

Intense interest in expanding on the potential for engineered T cells to fight solid tumors as well as blood cancers means that efficient and sensitive methods for discovery of candidate targets are more important than ever. Insights into T cell receptor (TCR) and chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell signaling aid in the development of safer, more effective synthetic tumor-targeting receptors, and an enhanced understanding of how immunosuppression arises in the tumor microenvironment creates opportunities to focus on targets that are involved in immune evasion.

Functional Genomics Screening Tools

Our tools for comprehensive screening approaches to identify novel antigens and other immune-modulating targets are powered by comprehensive CRISPR and shRNA libraries.

Sanger Whole Genome CRISPR Library
Perform high-throughput knockout screens of any size using
our genome wide CRISPR library.

GeCKO Whole Genome and Custom Pools
Enable whole genome or focused pooled screens using
GeCKO libraries from the Broad Institute.

MISSION® shRNA Library and Custom Gene Panels
Our thoroughly validated shRNA collection is the most 
comprehensive available in the life science market.

Our peptide synthesis services enable you to customize a library for screening effector cell targets, and our PEPscreen® peptides have been effective tools used to investigate Class I and II major histocompatibility complex (MHC) responses in the context of engineered T cell receptor (TCR) approaches.

Screening Reagents and Filter Plates

From cell lines to oligos, we provide the full spectrum of products needed to perform your target screen.

MultiScreen® filter plates are a trusted, reliable tool for the advancement of drug discovery and life science research, and include high-throughput formats for compatibility with automation.