SygRNA® Synthetic CRISPR guide RNAs

Synthetic single guide RNA (sgRNA) one-part system and crRNA: tracrRNA two-part system

SygRNA® synthetic single guide RNAs (sgRNA), crRNAs and tracrRNAs are synthesized using our proprietary process and reagents using the highest quality materials currently available on the market. Editing activity is assured regardless of your target, cell type or application, and is backed by the most comprehensive guarantee in the industry.

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  • Custom synthesized to your specifications, including chemical modifications.
  • Gold-standard purification via HPLC to remove contaminants that could negatively affect cellular health or editing outcomes. 
  • Delivered directly to your lab, anywhere in the world, within 7-10 business days (3-5 days for crRNA).
  • Complemented by the most comprehensive portfolio of CRISPR products, tools and services including Cas9 and delivery reagents.

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Synthetic sgRNA and crRNA for gene editing

Guaranteed CRISPR Editing with our gRNAs

We are so confident in the performance of our SygRNA® products, that we fully guarantee the quality and performance of any gRNA we produce, including custom sequences. If your crRNA or sgRNA does not yield detectable cleavage at the intended target site, we will provide you a one-time replacement, free of charge. 


Combine sgRNA with our Cas9 Proteins for Ribonucleoprotein (RNP) Delivery

Don’t stop at gRNAs. Choose from the industry’s largest selection of Cas9 proteins where you can find the type and quantity you need for any gene editing application.

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Learn how to use of SygRNA® gRNAs for editing of primary T cells, iPSCs, animal embryos, and more.

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