Cell Culture Media and Supplements

View our article published through the Biochemical Engineering Journal, an internationally regarded journal working to advance the science and technology of bioengineering in areas like industrial biotechnology and medical/healthcare: Bioprocessing of human mesenchymal stem/stromal cells for therapeutic use: Current technologies and challenges, Schnitzler et al. 2016


Realizing the full potential of stem cells for therapeutic applications will require closed system manufacturing processes that maintain ease of use while ensuring safety and reproducibility in the final product. Given the anticipated increase in demand for mesenchymal stem cell-based therapeutics, a switch from planar to suspension-based culture platforms will be critical for meeting the need in this field. While there are difficulties in adopting this approach, significant strides have been made in the implementation of cost-effective, single use platforms for cell therapy manufacturing.

From this paper, you will learn about ongoing developments in cell therapy manufacturing with a focus on allogeneic MSCs in stirred tank bioreactor processes. Key topics include:

  • Stirred tank bioreactor systems coupled with microcarriers are effective for hMSC expansion
  • Animal origin-free cell culture media formulation optimization
  • Cell culture feed strategy
  • Recommendations for downstream processing including harvest reagents and solutions

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