Cell Therapy Manufacturing: Expansion Vessels

View our article published through the Biochemical Engineering Journal, an internationally regarded journal working to advance the science and technology of bioengineering in areas like industrial biotechnology and medical/healthcare: Process development for expansion of human mesenchymal stromal cells in a 50 L single-use stirred tank bioreactor, Lawson et al. 2017

Realization of stem cell-based therapies for commercialization will require the development of scalable systems for manufacturing. Stirred-tank bioreactors are an attractive approach to reach the therapeutic doses required while also providing an automated and fully-controlled environment.

From this paper, you will learn about:

  • Implementation of stirred-tank bioreactors for large-scale, industrial manufacturing for hMSC therapy production
  • Process development and optimization for:
    • Microcarrier concentration and agitation rates
    • pH and dO control
    • Cell culture media
    • High-throughput screening platform
    • Assays: Surface-marker expression, IDO, immunomodulatory surface marker expression, mixed-lymphocyte reaction (MLR)
    • Scale-up from spinner flasks to 3L bioreactors to 50L bioreactors

Our optimized and scalable process increases cell yield while also retaining key phenotypic and functional traits after expansion. Continued expression of surface markers, characteristic of hMSC identity and function, lineage specific differentiation capability and modulation of T cell proliferation are also observed.

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