Chemiluminescent Substrates for Western Blotting

We offer a broad selection of ECL (enhanced chemiluminescence) substrates for every application.

Luminata™ Western HRP Substrates are a family of three premixed reagents for horseradish peroxidase-based detection that offer significant advantages over other

ECL reagents:

  • Single component, ready-to-use formulations simplify detection for steadfast reproducibility with enhanced  convenience
  • A range of sensitivities to provide optimal signal-to-background ratio across a spectrum of target protein concentrations

Immobilon® HRP substrates deliver exceptional sensitivity and long signal life in standard 2-component formats. These formulations permit the use of more dilute primary antibody solutions for immunoblot detection. Our newest product, Immobilon® ECL Ultra, provides sensitivity at the low femtogram range with longer signal duration than other substrates in its class.

Primary antibody dilution

Product No. Description
Immobilon ECL Ultra Western HRP Substrate
WBULS0100 100 mL
WBULS0500 500 mL
Immobilon® Western Chemiluminescent HRP Substrate
WBKLS0050 2 x 25 mL
WBKLS0100 2 x 50 mL
WBKLS0500 2 x 250 mL
Luminata™ Classico Western HRP Substrate
WBLUC0100 100 mL
WBLUC0500 500 mL
Luminata™ Crescendo Western HRP Substrate
WBLUR0100 100 mL
WBLUR0500 500 mL
Luminata™ Forte Western HRP Substrate
WBLUF0100 100 mL
WBLUF0500 500 mL

ReBlot™ Antibody Stripping Solution

ReBlot™ Antibody Stripping SolutionThis quick stripping reagent is the product of choice for regenerating Western blots. ReBlot™ Plus reagents efficiently strip probed blots of bound antibodies. ReBlot™ Plus reagents are available in two formulations, "Mild" and "Strong".

Product No. Description
Reblot Plus Kit
2500 2 x 50 mL
ReBlot Plus Mild Antibody Stripping Solution, 10x
2502 50 mL
ReBlot Plus Strong Antibody Stripping Solution, 10x
2504 50 mL