Accurate Whole Genomic DNA Amplification (WGA)

The GenomePlex® Complete WGA Kit (WGA2), contains the same reagents as the GenomePlex WGA Kit (WGA1) and an optimized enzyme, WGA DNA polymerase. This enzyme provides for increased accuracy in amplification, as evidenced by producing no amplicon in the negative control reactions. Observing no amplicon in the negative control reactions leads to more accurate down stream applications such as PCR or hybridization techniques.

The GenomePlex® WGA family of products are derived from the proprietary amplification method that is based upon random fragmentation of the genome into a series of overlapping, short templates. The resulting shorter DNA strands generate a library of DNA fragments with defined 3 primed and 5 primed termini, the OmniPlex® library. This library is replicated using a linear, isothermal amplification in the initial stages, followed by a limited round of geometric (PCR) amplifications.

The WGA kit has been used in a variety of applications1, 2 and is suitable for use with purified genomic DNA from many sources, including blood cards, whole blood, buccal swabs, soil, plant, and formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues. The GenomePlex® WGA Kit uses nanogram quantities of starting genomic DNA, which, after PCR yields 5 to 10 µg of WGA product. After purification, the WGA product can be analyzed in a manner similar to any genomic or chromosomal DNA sample. A number of downstream applications may be performed including TaqMan® assays, CGH analysis, SNP analysis, and sequencing.


  • Increase amplification accuracy with WGA DNA Polymerase
  • Compatible with a variety of DNA sources: whole blood, buccal swab, blood card, plant, soil and formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue
  • Suitable for direct amplification from fresh or frozen tissue, FFPE or RNAlater-preserved samples with no detectable allele bias, when used with Cellytic Y (C4482)
  • Compatible with downstream applications: TaqMan assays, SNP analysis, sequencing or store at -20 °C for future use
  • See a complete representation of the entire genome with no detectable allele bias

Accurate Whole Genomic DNA Amplification

The GenomePlex® Complete WGA Kit, containing WGA DNA Polymerase, more accurately amplifies genomic DNA.

Lane 1: PCR Marker
Lane 2: Our WGA2 kit
Lane 3: Our WGA2 kit negative control
Lane 4: Competitor A
Lane 5: Competitor A negative control
Lane 6: Competitor Q
Lane 7: Competitor Q negative control

DNA was extracted from a sample of formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded rat liver. 10 ng of genomic DNA (even lanes) and no template controls (odd lanes) were amplified using the GenomePlex® Complete WGA Kit (WGA2) and competitor kits. All samples were purified with the GenElute™ PCR Clean Up Kit.


Accurate Amplification of Your DNA Target

The GenomePlex® WGA kit provides excellent representation and unsurpassed yield of the desired DNA without generating unnecessary primer assembly products.

DNA extracted from FFPE rat liver tissue was amplified using the Genomeplex® WGA kit and competitor kits. Our kit provided no amplification product with 0 ng of input DNA (as shown above), while competitor kits resulted in primer assembly products with 0 ng of input DNA. Each of the WGA reactions were subjected to quantitative PCR (45 cycles) using 12 different primer sets. This data shows the targeted genes were more efficiently amplified (as shown by the number of cycles minus Ct values) with the GenomePlex® kit as compared to the competitor kits.



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